This Amazon Wholesale Inventory Issue Cost Me Over $10,000 with RestockPro

This Amazon Wholesale Inventory Issue Cost Me Over $10,000 with RestockPro

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Make sure you are not running into the inventory software issue that will cause you to not re-order product even if its selling well on Amazon.

I use Restock Pro and the software has what I would consider a bug that keeps inventory as being on order even after you receive in the product.

When I order from wholesale suppliers I create a purchase order in restockpro. When I receive the inventory I update the PO with the product I have received and if their are back order product the PO does not get closed but remains open until the back order product is received in.

In Restock Pro when you leave a PO open even if you entered the inventory you received and saved the PO with the updated receive products it still shows in the inventory that all of the items in that PO are still on order.

One of my largest suppliers frequently has backordered products that they send me as they receive them so I have many PO’s open from them.

What I found is that this caused many products to not show up in the suggested re-order screen because RestockPro still saw those items as being on-order even though I had long since shipped the product in to Amazon and sold out of that product on Amazon.

I literally have tens of thousands of dollars in inventory out of stock on Amazon because the system still thought I had them on order when I had already received them in.

I hope my issue will be a lesson for you and prevent something like this form happening in your business and costing you thousands of dollars.



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Just wanted to say Thank You!
Your videos are making a huge impact for me getting started. I felt like it was lifted out of a maze watching your videos.
I appreciate in your demonstrations showing exactly how to review a potential companies as whole sale or an exclusive opportunity. My very best to you and may your business increase. Thanks for helping others.


your videos are clean concise and clear and opens the road for success to me and my family.
Thank you so much

Tara Holland
Tara Holland

Tax ID Required
Suppliers will require that you have a Tax ID before they do business with you. This isn’t necessarily a terribly negative thing, but be aware that this is a requirement. You must have a reselling license as well, not something everyone reselling has or that other dropship companies require.

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