How To Silence Symcode Bluetooth Barcode Scanner, How To Turn Off The Sound

The Symcode bluetooth barcode scanner is a great scanner for retail arbitrage. Learn how to turn off the sound and silence you Symcode scanner so when you are out doing retail arbitrage its not beeping and drawing attention to yourself.


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What’s up everybody? How to silence your Symcode Bluetooth Barcode Scanner? Coming right up. Stay tuned.

Todd Welch with Entrepreneur Adventure and to silence your barcode scanner you’re gonna need your manual on page 15 is where it has the barcode to scan to turn off the sound. Now if you don’t have your manual, down below in the description I’m gonna put a link so you can print them off on your own printer to turn off the sound.

Now let’s go ahead and jump right in to how to do this. Ok, so I am on page 15 of the manual, if you don’t have your manual, like I said, print that out in the link down below. So you just gonna want to scan the first one, scan the second one and then the very last one. And now your barcode scanner is silenced.

If you want to turn it back on, simply scan that first one, scan the third one, and then scan that last one.  Now,  you also have vibration often on as well if you’d like. So that’s it! It’s that simple. Now if I go ahead and scan something,  No sound from the Symcode Bluetooth Barcode Scanner.

So I hope that helps you. Go ahead and click the subscribe link right here so that you don’t miss a video on how to maximize your retail arbitrage business and grow your Amazon business. This is Todd Welch with Entrepreneur Adventure signing off.

Happy selling everybody!

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