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  1. How does one determine when they (and their business model) are ready and able to leave the “day job” and take the entrepreneurship full-time?

    1. Excellent question Valerie and unfortunately the answer is it depends. It depends on a lot of factors such as how much risk you are willing to take, how much you have to lose and if you feel you are ready.

      If you are asking this question then you might not be ready yet but I will tell you this, you will always have doubt, doubt is the life of the Entrepreneur and something we all must overcome.

      I had a lot of doubt before going full time and I still do from day to day and even minute to minute. I actually was looking for part time jobs up until the day I went full time in the business because I was wanting a crutch. I am very happy though that I did not take a part time job because I would not have the time needed to dedicate to my business.

      Hope that helps Valerie, I will also create a video soon on this topic to go into this deeper.

  2. Hello Todd. I just discovered you via a Pat Flynn re-tweet.
    I am curious as to if you do any conventional affiliate marketing with a network such as Click Bank?
    I thought that was going to be my route but am all of a sudden discovering many other routes.
    I’m just starting on my journey.
    Thanks for your time.

    1. I have used Click Bank in the past but never very seriously. Personally I do not want to promote products that I am not using myself and I know are great. Down the road if a product I use uses Click Bank I will likely use it but only in that direction, I likely will never use Click Bank to find products to affiliate market.

      My reputation is something I value above all else so I would not risk it by promoting a product that I don’t know for sure is awesome.

  3. Hi Todd!
    Do you get your products shipped directly into the Amazon warehouse, or do you get them shipped to your house before sending them off for FBA? If the latter, why? Is it possible to get the goods shipped to the Amazon warehouse, from the supplier?

    Thank you!


    1. I get most of my products shipped to my house, or now a fulfillment center, as most suppliers do not want to ship directly to Amazon because Amazon always has you send to multiple and different warehouses. I do have one supplier who ships in directly but he has one product that I carry and is a small brand just starting out.

  4. HI Todd, I noticed that your phone has a scanner built in it. How do you get the phone to scan like I have a samsung 5 sanner wil it work on my phone also do you thing that scoutify is better then profit bandit. Thanks

  5. Hello, Todd. I’m just starting to sell on Amazon. I have a few questions. There are brands I’m allowed by Amazon to start selling right now. I would like to use worldwidebrands.com as suppliers for that. But will suppliers be able to worldwidebrands.com give me approve to sell their items, and could they give me invoices if I want to work with them as a dropshipper? And the second question: can Amazon ask me for invoices and approve from brad if this brand is not restriction to me and can be selling?

    1. Hey Tanya happy to hear you are starting to sell on Amazon. World Wide Brands suppliers will be able to give you invoices. Amazon usually requires an order of at least 10 units to use the invoice to get ungated. Just make sure the info on the invoice matches your info in Amazon. Company name, email, address, phone.

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